Mother Theresa Arts and Science College (CO-ED)

(Approved by the Government of Tamil Nadu & Affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University)

(Run by Service and Education for Village Awareness and Improvement Society)
Bodi-Chinnamanur Main Road, T.Sindalai cherry- 625530,Theni District, Tamil Nadu.


(Committees Constituted by the Governing Body of Mother Theresa Arts and Science College for 2019 – 2020 Which Will Function from 24th June 2019 to till the Last Working Day of the Same Academic Year)

1.Internal Complaints, Student Grievance Redressal & Prevention of Sexual Harassment Committee

Name Designation
Dr.S.Vetrivel Principal & Co- Convenor
Dr.R.Kannika Parameswari Vice Principal & Asst. Convenor
Ms.K.Vidhya Member
Mr.S.Eswaran Member
Ms.S.Sophia Mary Member
Ms.Loga bharathi Student Representative, I. B.Com(CA)
Ms.I.Elizabeth Rani Student Representative, I.B.A.English

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